To the participants of
the World Youth General Meeting

To the participants of the World Youth General Meeting:

Thank you for watching and participating in the World Youth General Meeting.
We have prepared commemorative gifts for all the participants of the meeting. Available for you are downloadable digital images which could be used as smartphone or desktop wallpapers, Zoom virtual backgrounds, etc. Please feel free to download them for your use.


Toward the World Youth General Meeting...

Our mentor Ikeda Sensei set out on a journey for worldwide kosen-rufu on October 2, 1960.
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this significant date, the Soka Gakkai Youth Division are holding a virtual World Youth General Meeting.

Aiming toward the general meeting, let’s forge the foremost ranks of youth in our local areas by advancing with a stand-alone spirit and treasuring each person through action and dialogue, just as Sensei has always done!

Now is the time to create waves of worldwide kosen-rufu, starting by challenging ourselves!

Let’s rise up together!


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Towards the World Youth General Meeting:
Advance Together with Comrades of the World!


We will be posting study materials on the significance of October 2, Soka Gakkai World Peace Day, and our World Youth General Meeting here.
We will also post resources for you to share or study together with your members in small online meetings.

Click on the pictures to download a PDF.


Song for the Soka Gakkai Youth of the World

Preceding the upcoming World Youth General Meeting, a new song for the Soka Gakkai Youth of the World has been composed.
The title is “Eternal Journey with Sensei (The Song of Our Vow)”
Let us sing the song in harmony, and gallantly advance with the strong determination that we will fulfill our shared vow to our mentor!
Together, let us soar into the dawning skies and let us strive as long as we live, leaving no one behind!


Official Instagram

Through our ONE WORLD #wygm2020 project on Instagram, we will be posting updates and sharing some of your posts using this hashtag up until the day of the general meeting.
Let’s unite our hearts with our friends around the world toward the World Youth General Meeting.


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